What Might 2017 Look Like For Logistics?

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, and we’re starting to wonder what 2017 might bring. Although it’s impossible to predict what might happen in the future, we can always wonder about what 2017 might look like in the world of logistics.


The advancement of technology is something we have pondered upon before in previous blogs. Telematics have become a near-essential in the driving world to improve the safety of drivers and their freight, as well as increasing efficiency and customer trust. With 90% of the fleet industry using telematics, how will this increased use affect the advancement of the technology itself? Will further investment be made to make telematics even more accurate for both drivers and customers?


Another modern technology which surfaced in the logistics industry was the use of drones for deliveries. The delivery arrived after 13 minutes, but will this mean that the robots will take over? There are certain drawbacks – these drones can usually only carry less than 3kg of goods, and safety issues in airways have been reported by UK airports. Will this technology be developed to produce safer drones capable of more efficient loads?


Last year’s trend for ditching the department stores for online shopping isn’t looking to slow down. After an unprecedented rise, particularly during national sales days such as Black Friday, increased online shopping puts the pressure on warehousing and haulage to perform in more demanding conditions than ever. Armed with the knowledge of previous years, will the logistics industry be able to cope with next year’s rushes?


We are certainly hoping that after the new law bringing tougher penalties, that we will see a decrease in the number of road users using mobile phones. With the Government now enforcing six points on drivers’ licenses and a doubled fine of £200 for those caught, we hope that we will see less people tempted to reach for their phone – especially those who are ‘just checking a text.’ Hopefully drivers across the country will think twice, and countless lives will be saved from mobile phone road accidents.


Although, of course, we can’t say for sure what the future will, we can’t help but wonder about 2017. We hope that this upcoming year at Barnes Logistics will be just as successful as the last (which you can read about here), and that yours will be too!