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Gender Equality – How Can We Make The Logistics Sector A More Welcoming Place?

The logistics industry is typically male dominated, with female employees making up just 2% of the global sector. However, at Barnes Logistics we don’t see it as so. Women in varied positions make up a large chunk of our valued workforce, and we are always invested in encouraging more women into logistics.

How can we make logistics a more welcoming industry for all genders?

Altering perceptions

Logistics typically has the stereotype of being a ‘man’s line of work’. For example, when picturing a delivery driver, one might typically picture a male. The same goes for those working within warehouses. Of course, this illustration doesn’t paint a modern picture, and the industry has seen a vast transformation. Nevertheless, the stereotypes still seem to linger to this day.

To make the logistics sector a more welcoming and inclusive place for all, we need to rid ourselves of stereotypes and start recognising this industry as an opportunistic place to work that welcomes people of varying ages, genders, race and so forth. Altering dated stereotypes can help to change perceptions, and so the rest will follow suit as more women feel encouraged to start a career in logistics.

Speaking to all audiences

Due to the nature of the logistics sector, this could leave other genders that don’t typically confirm with the ‘male’ stereotype, anxious about approaching the industry, not least looking to work within it.

Organisations such as Women In Logistics, who are part of the CILT and currently have over 4000 members, are doing tremendous work in encouraging varying genders into the industry. However, there’s always more that we can be doing.

Pledging to alter perceptions is one thing, but what can be done

Another way to make the logistics industry more inclusive and welcoming could be to host open days. Focusing these on female-friendly working environments could be a great way for the logistics sector to pull together and make the entire industry a more welcoming and equal place for all.

Shifting the focus from young people to women

The logistics industry is very focused on recruiting fresh new talent into their pool, which of course is inclusive to young women too. But in order to make the sector more welcoming in the name of gender equality, something could certainly be done to place more emphasis on attracting and hiring young female talent through school visits, open days and strategic targeted marketing. Organisations like Think Logistics could be utilised in this way, they were created to “bridge the gap between young people looking for a rewarding career and logistics companies looking for talented individuals capable of moving the industry forward.” If such organisations can gear their efforts towards young women, then the sector could begin to see real change.

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