The Importance of Efficient Logistics

Warehouse Safety Tips

While employee safety is a priority in any field, particular care needs to be taken in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing industries. And since June is National Safety Month, we’ve compiled some safety tips which we abide by at Barnes that are essential for working in a warehouse environment.


Training For Employees – It may seem simple, but the importance of thorough and regular training cannot be undervalued. Without it, it is undeniable that accidents are more likely, as employees will not know the proper procedures and the right health and safety regulations. With proper training, employees are equipped with the most up to date knowledge if they happen to be faced with dangerous situations.


Safe Spaces – Did you know that falls and slips are the most common accident within the workplace? This includes warehouses – but if employees are well aware of their surroundings and guard rails are installed, falls can be prevented. Likewise, spillages and messes must be cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid this kind of accident.


Good Organisation – Keeping the work environment clean and well organized is another simple way to prevent disaster which can often become overlooked. Good storage is necessary to prevent overflow issues; and storage solutions should be clearly labelled and easily accessible. Employees should also be able to co-ordinate with one another and communicate effectively to work in the most efficient and safe manner, and prevent accidents that may occur via miscommunication or mismanagement.


Safe Equipment – Another safety tip is to ensure that proper safety equipment is easily accessible and available and – most importantly – regularly used. Whether using hard hats or safety harnesses, employees who are capable of protecting themselves and do so as second nature are much less likely to be injured. This equipment should be regularly inspected to ensure that it offers maximum protection. Many companies have found success by adopting a zero-tolerance policy for employees who fail to use safety equipment or use it inappropriately.


Fire Prevention – Fires cause enormous and disastrous damage in the workplace, ruining lives and families – and yet can be so easily prevented. To prevent disaster: remove electrical cords from under carpets, check for leaks in containers holding flammable gasses and liquids and regularly replace worn and exposed wires. Should the worst happen and a fire break out, it’s vital to ensure that you have practiced regular fire drills (you’d be surprised how effective these are to keep employees calm in the case of emergencies), and make sure everyone knows where the fire exits are in the building, and actually know how to use a fire extinguisher and first aid kits.


Regular Maintenance – All equipment—especially any heavy machinery—should be regularly inspected and properly maintained. This not only helps prevent injuries, but keeps the warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. When it comes to the safety of your warehouse employees, spending a bit up front in proper safety training as well as in proper storage units and ergonomic tools can go a long way to saving considerably more in the high costs of workplace injuries.


We hope you join us in celebrating National Safety Month, and that these top Barnes tips will help to make your warehouse a safer – and, therefore, happier and more productive – place for your employees.