Business is by its very nature competitive as rivals attempt to beat their competitors on a range of measures from value, cost and quality right through to service, speed of delivery or availability of key products.

Decisions on who to use are taken every day, balancing the demand for the product with a suitable price or how quickly will it be delivered.  For example, is it worth waiting a month for a cheaper part from China when I could get a more expensive version made in the UK and delivered tomorrow?  There are rarely right or wrong answers but ones that best suit the business at that time or for that purpose.

One area that is however getting increasingly important is the world of logistics as companies make promises to beat their competitors in getting products to their customers quicker or at a designated time to meet the demand or onward chain.

The world of logistics continues to grow and evolve to meet on-line demand and the desire for next day deliveries.  In its simplest form, logistics is the planning process as well as the implementation of efficient and effective storage of raw materials, inventory, finished goods and services. It also refers to the flow and transportation of product from the warehouse to the consumer.

A successful delivery of the service can offer customers a competitive edge against other business, but to do so it is essential to provide a system or process by which customer needs can be fulfilled in the most efficient manner.

At Barnes Logistics we strive to provide shipments of materials in the most accurate and efficient manner possible and have been successful enough to achieve ‘Just in Time’ accreditation – an award that’s critical for the highly automated and efficient car manufacturing sector.

Logistics however are more than just moving and storing products.  They are also about delivering on your promises and building good consumer relations. With an effective and efficient logistics partner or process these efficiencies and good relations can be levered to offer your business a competitive advantage.

Logistics is involved throughout the whole business chain from transporting raw materials through to manufacture, storage and onward sale of a finished product.  Good logistics is the link that hold businesses together and when levered effectively can bring a competitive advantage at each stage in the process whether through cost, accuracy on deliveries or exceptional customer service.

Having the right logistics partner is essential for the success of any business, providing trusted and timely support.  With more than 100 drivers on the road each day, backed up by the latest transport and logistics technologies and vehicles, the Barnes Logistics team of professionals ensures that not only do our customers receive a tailored logistical solution, but an opportunity to leverage it to create a more competitive business.