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Tackling Climate Change: Who Foots The Bill?

As a forward-thinking business in the industry, climate change and environmental issues are topics we have discussed at great length – from HGV Levies to emissions statistics. However, it has been noted by more than ourselves that the transport and logistics industry seems to take a disproportionate level of blame and, therefore, expectation for change. […]

Smart Tachographs and Logistics Investment

The DVSA have recently announced that they will not be investing in the technologies to read data from new smart tachographs. Following recent EU legislation which lead to the mandatory move from digital to smart tachographs in new commercial vehicles this summer, the agency stated that the cost of these new technologies are too high […]

Barnes on: The Importance of Logistics

Can you ever imagine what life would be like without the convenience of next day delivery?  Or perhaps you were hoping an item in your favourite shop was getting restocked so you could buy it during your next trip to your local high street but to no avail?  Imagine that suddenly, multiple people are reporting that their […]

The Importance of Efficient Logistics

Efficient logistics is imperative for keeping the UK supply chain running smoothly. With Brexit pending and other factors affecting trading in Britain – efficiency in our logistics industry has never been more important.  There are various elements that create successful efficient logistics management, including warehouse management, sustainability and the importance of automation.   Efficient logistics is only […]